Cie de la Casquette (Belgium)


Wed 20.3. at 9.30 am and 12.30 pm Annantalo, Helsinki (for school groups)
Thu 21.3. at 9.30 am and 12.30 pm Annantalo, Helsinki (for school groups)
Fri 22.3. at 1 pm Lumosali, Vantaa (for school groups)
Sat 23.3. at 1 pm Lumosali, Vantaa

Nearly non-verbal (you can hear a little bit of French, Japanese, Italian, English, Finnish and Swedish)
Age recommendation: 3-9-years
Duration: 60 min.

You are invited to make a journey in Captain Isabelle and Zoé’ s Ship.
They will take care of you and make you travel like never before.
All along the journey, you will cross landscapes made of sounds and colours. Under your blanket, under your eyelids, you will sail wherever you want.

In which country will you go?
Maybe you will fly around the Universe or dive deeply in the hollow of the earth?

LOVNI is an immersive, intimate, impressionistic, sensitive and musical experience. A moment just for you.
As you are the passenger, you tell your own story.

At the same time you'll make a journey into the nature, through the deep waters of the ocean with whales around you, you'll get into the caverns where you'll meet a bear, a marsh where you will wander about....Maybe you'll become an ant, or you'll come across a deer.
Touching, view and hearing are in alert during the performance.
The performance has also been performed for children and adults with profound disabilities. We are all here.

Musical conception: Zoé Sevrin and Isabelle Verlaine
Direction and installation concept: Isabelle Verlaine
Sound engineer: Olivier Trontin
Sound director: Frédéric Becker
Lighting: Joseph Iavicoli
Set design: Isabelle Verlaine and Zoé Sevrin
Fabric design: Linda Topic
Photos and trailer: Alice Verlaine Corbion
With the support of the House of Culture of Molenbeek

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