Opus Company & Hands some Feet (Finland)


Sun 17.3. at 12 and 2 pm Stoa, Helsinki
Wed 20.3. at 10 and 1 pm  Kauniainen Youth Hall, Kauniainen

Non-verbal (instructions in the beginning in Finnish and English)
Age recommendation: 4-24 months old children (with adult)
Duration 30 min.

Babysphere is an interactive colorful world for children and their adults that inhabits two circus performers. In the space, with the help of the performers, we play with colors, movements and various objects and textures. The calm and stimulating environment takes into account the wildest as well as the more careful children. The duration of the experience is 30 minutes. We welcome you to experience the wondrous world of Babysphere!

Made by: Opus Company and Hands some Feet
Performers: Kerttu Opus & Adam Opus and/or Liisa Nuuk & Jeromy Nuuk
Designers: Opus Company
Photos: Teemu Paukamainen


Tickets to Cultural Centre Stoa from Lippu.fi
The performances at Kauniainen Youth Hall are free of charge. Registration beforehand from Kauniainen´s eventpage