Artefactos Bascos (Brazil)


Fri 22.3. at 5 pm Shopping Centre AINOA, 2nd floor, Espoo

Age recommendation: 4-10-years
Duration approx. 40 min.

FLOU! is a performance for children who, sitting around a large white sheet of paper, watch and participate in the live creation of a large drawing. The dancing scribbles and paints gradually come to life and dialogue with the child artists to create a collective, interactive and open experience that doesn't close off meanings. Yes, we are all artists! Starting from the wordless relationship, FLOU! has no closed meanings, it is a device for play and creation to discover a universe of forms and compositions that are configured and reconfigured at every moment.

Since 2016, FLOU! has performed in many places in Brazil and also in Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Norway and Palestine.

Artefactos Bascos is a multidisciplinary platform founded by artist, performer, art historian and graphic designer Ieltxu Ortueta. It develops scenic, graphic and performance projects, with a focus on young audiences. Artefactos Bascos thinks of the child as a partner in play and co-creator in interactive works, which move between visual arts, performance art and non-conventional performative spaces.

Concept and Performance: Ieltxu Ortueta
Soundtrack: Gil Fuser
Photos: Mirella Ghiraldi


The performance is free of charge, no signing up needed beforehand.