Artefactos Bascos (Brazil)


Wed 20.3. at 6 pm Pessi, Vantaa
Sun 24.3. at 12 & 2 pm Annantalo, Helsinki

Age recommendation: 2-8 years
Duration: approx. 50 min

Performance related workshop B A T U Lab for 5-6-year-old children.
SAT 23.3. at 10-12 am and 2-4 pm at Annantalo!

Maps? Paths? Roads? Houses? Cities? The performance B A T U starts from the experimentation of the straight line and its multiplication to discover unique creations with children-artists and, in being together, playfully build other analog, artistic and unique worlds.

Join, add, unite, group, assemble, collect and also meet are some of the meanings of the verb BATU in euskera, the language of the Basques. Etymologically the verb comes from BAT, which means ONE.

B A T U is a great game of lines, paths, intersections, spaces, maps, constructions, combinations and discoveries, where creativity and play meet to “Paint, fold, glue, join, compose, build” and occupy the space starting from a rectangle. A rectangle that invites children artists to JOIN together to create, curious, a unique artistic experience. A collective happening for the whole family. 

Artefactos Bascos is a multidisciplinary platform founded by artist, performer, art historian and graphic designer Ieltxu Ortueta. It develops scenic, graphic and performance projects, with a focus on young audiences. Artefactos Bascos thinks of the child as a partner in play and co-creator in interactive works, which move between visual arts, performance art and non-conventional performative spaces.

Creation, performance and playing space: Ieltxu Ortueta

Sound creation: Gil Fuser

Production: Sendero Cultural / Adryela Rodrigues

Photos: Hussam Adin Hazimeh


The performance at Children´s Cultural centre Pessi is free of charge, no signing up beforehand needed
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