Teater Kojan (Finland)

VILLIN VÄEN VALTAKUNTA ( The Kingdom of the Wild Creatures)

On stage: Ida Törnroos and Kaisa Lallukka
Direction: Sonja Järvisalo
Photos: Simon Strömsund

Duration: appr. 40 min.
Age recommendation: from 4 to 8 years
Language: Swedish/Finnish (for the language of each performance, see below)

The Kingdom of the Wild Creatures is a delightful performance full of interesting facts and philosophical pondering about the planet we inhabit. The performance is not only a praise to all the living and dead but also offers the possibility to be amazed and reflect upon the unknown.

We aim a magnifying glass to the controlled chaos of an anthill, listen to what the trees have to say, wonder about the purpose of a mosquito and look for a place of our own in this great entity.

Fall 2021 performance times 

Thu 14th of October Vindängen at 10.00 Tickets 4€ here