#Digiteatteri (Finland)

TEKOÄLYSEIKKAILU 1994 (AI Adventure 1994)

Concept, programming and running of the performances: Aku Meriläinen
Concept, direction: Maria Oiva
Textual content: Stina Varkkola
Production: #digiteatteri, Metaria ry, Bravo! Festival
Photo: Anna Mattsson

Duration: 45 minutes
Age recommendation: 9–11 years
Language: Finnish

The year is 1994. Sussu lives an ordinary life of a 12 year old until she stumbles upon artificial intelligence that arrives from the future. The AI punctures a wormhole: a dialog between Sussu and the year 2021.

How does modern life look like in the eyes of Sussu? And what is going on in the life of a 12 year old in 1994? Do Sussu and the young from the 2020’s understand each other? What advice do they have to one another? What is similar and what is completely different? Can Sussu and the people of today solve problems together?

AI drives the story

The performance takes place in the audience's smart phones using the application Telegram Messenger. By giving out various tasks Sussu invites the audience to participate. AI takes the story forward by the help of the texts and pictures sent by the audience.

AI Adventure 1994 was commissioned by the Bravo! festival.

The performance may be booked by school classes, beginning January 20.  The performances are in Finnish.  More information, by city: 

Vantaa: kops@vantaa.fi
Espoo: sellosali@espoo.fi
Kauniainen: cecilia.mcmullen@kauniainen.fi
Helsinki, Stoa/Vuotalo: maaria.klemetti@hel.fi / from 2nd of January on hanna.westerholm@hel.fi
Helsinki, Kanneltalo: liisa.paatsalo@hel.fi

Performance times 2021:
Mon 8th March in schools,  East Helsinki
Tue 9th March in schools, Vantaa
Wed 10th March in schools, West Helsinki
Thu 11th March in schools, Kauniainen
Fre 12th March in schools, Espoo