Company Portmanteau (Finland)


Concept and performing: Luis Sartori do Vale and Mira Ravald
Light Design: Jere Mönkkönen
Music and Sound design: Petteri Rajanti
Production: WHS (FI)
Support: Taike (FI), WHS Teatteri Union (FI), Cirko (FI), Annantalo (FI), Subtopia (SE)
Photos: Mikko Pirinen & Luis Sartori do Vale

Project awarded as the ITU 2020 performance.

Age: + 4 years old
Duration: 42 minutes
Language: non verbal

“One day a kid planted three little dots. And they grew into lines…”

Piste, piste, piste, by Luis Sartori do Vale and Mira Ravald, is an interdisciplinary performance for children and young audiences, combining contemporary circus, dance and visual arts.

In a fascinating journey into the world of shapes and creativity, a blank white stage transforms into an imaginative universe with the use of old overhead projectors.

Inspired by the children’s book “Três pontinhos” (three little dots), by the Brazilian author/illustrator Mario Vale, the performance sensitively builds up around a journey of two characters that one day discover three little dots...


Fall 2021 performance times 

Fri 28th of August Cultural House Martinus at 10.00 & 12.00 Tickets here, performances only for kindergarten and school groups
Sat 28th of August Vuotalo at 15.00
Mon 30th of August Vuotalo at 9.30, performance only for kindergarten groups
Tue 13st of August Malmitalo at 10.00 & 12.30
Tue 14th of September at Kanneltalo at 9.30  & 11.30, performances only kindergarten and school groups of  Kannelmäki region