Theatre Lasten Estradi (Finland) 

MAIJAN UUSI YSTÄVÄ (Maya's New Friend)

Direction and script: Anna Högström
Translation in Finnish: Mirva Hovila
Scenography, photography, graphics: Lasse Andersson
Costumes: Sonja Dragon
Music: Stefan “Kilju” Lindblom, Anders Grönroos
Onstage: Matilda Anttila/ Anna Högström and Kalle Halmén
Publisher: Åbo Events Oy Ab
Concept and production: Anders Grönroos
Photo: Henrik Zoom

Duration: 20-25 minutes
Age recommendation: from 2 to 8 years with their families
Language: Finnish/Swedish

Maya’s New Friend is performed outdoors. 

Maya’s New Friend is an interactive, funny and musical play about friendship and how zany and difficult it can be. In the performance we meet Maya, who is bored and entertains herself by watching Tiktok videos. Alvar, who Maya sees as her best friend, is sick. Suddenly in the middle of watching Tiktok, somebody, who Maya has not met before, appears and a fragile but important friendship begins.

Performance times fall 2021 to be announced later!