Theater QO & Karavan (Finland)

KAUKOKAIKU - Puppet Theatre in a Caravan

Karavan - the touring caravan theatre - hits the road with its first opus Kaukokaiku, a series of two puppetry artworks that take the audience on a journey to two imaginary cities VSKNHA and GÖG. The works are shown inside a caravan. Both pieces are practically speechless and suitable for the whole family.

The caravan is surrounded by an outdoor exhibition “Mielenkartasto (Mind maps)”. In the exhibition, the audience can dive in the atmosphere of the performances, before and after the show.

Daniela Alatorre
Perrine Ferrafiat
Emma Hanikka
Camille Martin
Anna Uschanov
Mila Nirhamo

VSKNHA (puppetry performance - 13 min):
Script, concept and puppets: Perrine Ferrafiat
Directing: Anna Uschanov
Sound design: Emma Hanikka
Stage design: Mila Nirhamo
On stage: Perrine Ferrafiat and Emma Hanikka
In the creative process: Daniela Alatorre, Camille Martin

GÖG (short film - 7 min):
Concept: Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen, Maija Linturi, Perrine Ferrafiat
Script, camera, editing and sound design: Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen
Stage design: Johanna Latvala
Puppets: Perrine Ferrafiat
Puppeteering: Perrine Ferrafiat, Johanna Latvala, Maija Linturi, Emma Hanikka, Mila Nirhamo
Voice actors: Perrine Ferrafiat, Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen, Aati Hanikka, Elena Rekola.

Anna Uschanov and work group 

Photos: Anna Uschanov sekä Elif Eren

Esitys nähdään virtuaalisena maaliskuun online-festivaaleilla 2021.