Teatro Al Vacio (Meksiko): 


Idea and performing: Adrián Hernández y José Agüero
Costumes and scenery: Mauricio Ascencio
Sounds: Camila Romero Lema
Photos: David Orta
Target group: 0-3 years
Length: 30 min 

Pulsar is Spanish and it means touching, caressing and exploring. The performance is for the youngest of the family. This Mexican theatre uses wooden blocks to create a constantly changing landscape that moves, grows, rises and makes music. The audience sits around this landscape, creating a safe community of their own. 

Teatro Al Vacio is one of the Latin American children's theater reformers that specialize in performances for small children about important things in life. The group also conducts workshops for children and explores the world from a child’s perspective. Teatro Al Vacio is a member of the Small Size network.


Performance times 2020:
Fri 20th March Annantalo at 9:30 & 11:00 CANCELLED

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