Teatro Al Vacio (Mexico)


Idea and performing: Adrián Hernández y José Agüero
Consultation: Flor Sandoval
Lighting and costume design: Mauricio Ascencio
Original music: Mateo Balasso
Choreographic help: Carolina Garibay
Photos: GAR

Target group: 3–6 years
Length: 45 minutes


Cerca is a warm-hearted, wordless story about life and friendship. Two strangers meet by chance at the same place, at the same time. The other may be someone with whom one can share the experience, to be together. A Friend. 

Teatro Al Vacio is one of the Latin American children's theater reformers that specialize in performances for small children about important things in life. The group also conducts workshops for children and explores the world from a child’s perspective. Teatro Al Vacio is a member of the Small Size network.

Performance times 2020:
Tue 17th March Malmitalo at 10:00 & 12:30
Wed 18th March Sellosali at 10.00
Thu 19th March Martinus at 10:00
Fri 20th March Annantalo at 18:00
Sat 21st March Lumosali at 13:00
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